Masuku Legendary Entertainment (MLE) was seeded in the living years of our legend Dorothy Masuku. Firmly rooted in Africa”s rhythm of creativity , we are aligning towards creating the groundwork for our musicians on the continent to reach out and share consciousness worldwide. The time for harvesting the rich and diverse musical talent on the continent has arrived. Masuku Legendary Entertainment has officially launched!

Masuku Legendary Entertainment was.founded under the auspices of Africa’s musical gem, none other than a legend of the times…. Dorothy Masuku.


We are about skyrocketing our soaring talent in Africa’s arts and entertainment platforms.

We represent seed creativity rooting to uprising universal growth  #MAKING ENTERTAINMENTLEGENDARY

Seeding the pathways for Africa’s Rising Rooting the branches of freedom with soul rhythm Masuku Legendary Entertainment Representing the legends of today and tomorrow in soul tunes of bright futures ahead!






Blending into the tunes of legendary African sounds, our ‘Jewel’ of Africa; Laika Masuku has journeyed through shining the light of the crown of motherland Africa in Orlando, USA @ Walt Disney world.  More than that, she is  a key # CreatePreneurAfrica contributor for the SADC region, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Zambia …..


He is a creative soul encompassed in a vibrant personality. Ambitious,passionate  and determines to rise to greater heights… even in the midst of never ending turbulences. And he is all about aspiring to reach goals, in a team, or as an individual Driven by success, the socialite is on an ongoing network hype in the pathway ahead ready to tackle as he shouts pit “NO task too great to accomplish! Proudly African and keeping it that way!